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Lighten The Load, Inc. is certified as small business and minority owned business enterprise specializing in FULL service logistics.

Logistics is not just getting freight from here to there; it's getting freight delivered the way the customer needs it delivered.

Lighten The Load, Inc. tracks and monitors your shipments from the time of dispatch until the proof of delivery is recorded. We track every shipment, every day, and inform you, the customer, of your shipment's status. Daily tracking ensures that all dispatched products will be tracked, minimizing any loss or delay.

Our nationwide coverage means your cargo gets picked-up and delivered anywhere in the United States.

How LTL Inc. Can Help You

Experienced staff provides seamless logistics and transportation services.
Knowledgeable professionals to assist in project management.
Competitive “Big Company” rates with “Small Company” attention in mind.
Focused on flexible solutions for successful logistics programs.

1395 E. Irving Park Road, Itasca, IL 60143 | Office: 630.350.8585 | Fax: 630.350.7785